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"I think you have done a grand job covering so much material." __G. Edward Griffin, author of "The Creature From Jekyll Island

"Your work with "All You Need to Know About..." is thorough, insightful, and courageous... your efforts in connecting the dots on so many seemingly isolated issues can empower all who get to encounter the book... we will happily add your book to our Resource Tree list in the Global Domination Agenda section. Thanks for all your good work and generosity. Foster." _Foster Gamble, creator of


"Todd and I thank you for the book."  __Sarah Palin

"Your book 'All You Need to Know bout...' is fabulous and thank you so much for including some of my work.   __Charlotte Iserbyt  

All You Need

Edition #3 available now! The author prefers Readers to money and donates 90% of his royalties to Children's Hospitals.   


Do you know about our government “after dark,” the Council on Foreign Relations, and their published agenda to destroy the sovereignty of the United States; and when we are beaten down and have suffered enough, blend us in with the UN “Star Wars Bar” of nations? Is that what all those brave young men and women fighting our wars gave their lives for… so the United States could seek equality with Robert Mugabe, Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong-un?

Do you wonder how so much money can be spent on cancer research and still not produce a cure? Can you believe they don’t want a cure! Who are “they”?

Do you imagine something is fishy about our war on terror? No plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11… see the proof! When you’ve been lied to, you should know!  And you should be told who the liars are. That is what you will find in this book, facts that put me in the crosshairs for an “accident”. You will learn about the owners of the Federal Reserve who were given a license to rob Americans in 1913. There is no Reserve! And it’s not Federal! Find out how they are stealing us blind and escalating the deficit.


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