(The following letter to Michelle Obama would never pass her Zionist censors and for that reason it was published in 2013 at the back of my latest book: “All You Need to Know About…” that was gifted to seventy-five national celebrities in government, media, and entertainment in April, 2013. It is my hope that one or more of those gift recipients will have brought it to her attention.)

January 19, 2013

Dear Mrs. Michelle Obama:

This letter to you is in my book because USPS will not get it past David Axelrod or Susan Sher, and I need you to read it.

You have to know how the past half-century has dissolved the world esteem America owned after World War II, to today where we are the most hated of nations not only for our support of aggressive Israel but for our rampaging CIA intrusions around the world. You have to know.

As you read this, growing unrest among the nation’s youth is rousing their voices and expanding their numbers through movements like Occupy Wall Street, the Students for Justice in Palestine, 9/11 Truth andmore, all mushrooming over the Internet. The awakening of youth to the bias and censorship of mainstream media cannot be stifled, not even by Executive Order. Many have already uncovered the truth and now spread it among their peers with enthusiasm. Peer-reviewed adult actions like Freedom Force International, and ThriveMovement.com, are garnering followers daily by the thousands and will not be going away.

These are movements that cannot die until all that is so egregiously wrong in America is put right; until these United States are returned secure to the Republic of the Founding Fathers with today’s civil rights; until the protections of our Constitution are restored from post 9/11 dictates; until God can be mentioned in the classroom and Nativity scenes can be displayed; and lastly, until the insidious forces determined to destroy U.S. sovereignty to achieve their New World Order are brought to justice. Where does it all begin?

Probably, with you: first by recognizing that the Zionists of Israel are not our friends. How can an educated woman exposed to world affairs and history, not know? Continuing…

In Abby Martin’s BreakingTheSet report on January 11, 2013, Mark Bruzonsky, publisher of MiddleEast.org told that in June, 2008, Rahm Emanuel brought your husband to a Washington Hotel to meet with the Board of Directors of AIPAC, and three hours after that meeting he (Emanuel) had permission to call a press conference and announce he was shifting his Presidential support from Hillary Clinton to Barak Obama.

It is believed at that meeting your husband and the Zionist AIPAC came to “an understanding” that in the following November lifted him into the Presidency; and that he, for the most part, tried to live up to his end of the bargain, assigning Zionists to head most of the high offices, reauthorizing FISA, NDAA, and moving toward disarming American citizens and gaining control of the Internet.

Zionists need those things to remove the last impediments to their New World Order agenda. Do you honestly believe the American people will allow those things to happen? I tell you, they will not; the young will not allow it. Either of those two events―guns and the Internet―could be a tipping point to armed revolution should your husband continue to bend to the Zionist will. The word “holocaust” will be given new meaning. Barak Obama will be responsible for that; his time is now.

Some evidence exists suggesting your husband was re-evaluating his AIPAC obligation and was subsequently reminded of what happens to people who raise that red flag. What possible threat could deter a President from following his conscience? History reveals the Zionists control a cadre of highly efficient killers; would a threat to the President’s life deter him? Probably not, but a threat to the lives of his children would. Who among us would not yield to such a threat?

I wonder whether you realize how ironic it is that the first black President of the United States has within his grasp a thing not available to any man since January 1, 1863: the opportunity to eclipse the high regard of the President who set his people free.

It is a certain fact that your husband has that opportunity; one that thousands of men and women in uniform would line up to grasp. Please know that the Zionists and their cadre will be brought down by the American people and their military when they are finally told the truth. Your husband holds the future of a free America in his hands as no one ever in history. Only he can utter the words that will defeat the Zionists. Only he can alter our disastrous, unyielding path. He can save this country, and possibly the world from the plans of the Zionists. He can save the land that “whitey” has brought to the gates of hell and in so doing his regard will be second only to Jesus Christ. Is that not something a good wife would want for her man and as a legacy for her children?

This letter encourages no more risk than what is asked of men and women in uniform ordered to harms’ way in foreign lands.

Unfortunately, because a tipping point is so near, I believe there are only two real outcomes possible for your family: either you will deserve the gratitude of the entire world, or their everlasting damnation. I pray you are the woman you present yourself to be.

With fond hope, I wait with the world.

 John Whitaker

Mr. Scott Callahan,
With respect:  In my recent submission as a Guest Columnist to VOICES named "For Want of a Hero" I referred to the three things those who would control everything need to suceed: Trash the Dollar... Disarm the Citizens... and Control the Internet.
I submit the following uncovered today:

"Reports Suggest FCC Poised to Regulate Internet

Wednesday, 08 Oct 2014 10:45 PM

By John Gizzi

There has been mounting evidence in the last two weeks that the Internet, one of the last unregulated venues for communication, might well be headed for federal regulation.
What makes the specter of Internet regulation (or "net neutrality," as its proponents prefer to call it) all the more ominous is that it might become law through rulings by the Federal Communications Commission rather than a vote of elected representatives in Congress."


Mr. Callahan: Your readers need to know about this and my submission will surely help. Earnestly hope you agree.

Best regards,

John Whitaker


Dear Mr. [Scott] Callahan, Editor:

         The DAILY COMMERCIAL has published many of my letters over the years and lately I find myself in opposition to AIPAC and its influence in Congress; a sensitive subject if ever there is one. I have been advised to contact you regarding acceptable dialogue on this subject.

In April, 2013, I published my fifth book specifically for college-age detailing the crimes and naming the criminals of the past hundred years supported by many like-minded authors’ permissions to quote from their works: G. Edward Griffin, Charlotte Iserbyt, John Perkins, Naomi Wolf, Foster Gamble, to name a few. Derision is heaped on David Rockefeller, many Presidents, the Clintons, Senators and Congress-people past and present without hesitation. (Actually, that last is not true. I felt tremendous hesitation before mailing gift copies to seventy-five national celebrities in the media, government and Hollywood while fully aware of damage controllers who operate in the interest of people I have accused.)

I believe I survive on borrowed time and plan to use whatever remains on making a seemingly apathetic public aware of the most powerful faction threatening our survival as a nation named in my first paragraph.

I appreciate your position and have no wish to run afoul. My work is sure to be branded anti-Semitic by those counting on a little-known fact that Ashkenazi Jews are not Semitic; they are Germanic Khazars who converted to Judaism in the eighth century; many of whom are as honorable as Israelites who trace their heritage to Abraham and Seth. It is the roughly twelve-percent of Ashkenazi Jewry who have pledged themselves to criminal Zionists that are the instigators of government unrest, criminal subversion and terrorism in pursuit of the New World Order they alone plan to control.

My research in these matters has upset 80% of my previous beliefs. Evidence skillfully suppressed is abundant and any competent researcher cannot help but arrive at similar conclusions. Letters I submit to VOICES will reflect as much as possible of what I claim above and to keep from running afoul, I respectfully request a brief meeting with you that I might learn what I must know to remain within the DAILY COMMERCIAL comfort zone.

I have one letter approaching “questionable” submitted to Ms. Fennimore September 8th “ABOUT THAT CARTOON” that I hope is in your present queue for Sunday. If not, I will continue to hope. It is to avoid stepping on the paper’s toes I submit this meeting request.

I look forward to learn whatever you feel is appropriate. I am at your service.

John Whitaker

To:  DAILY COMMERCIAL 09/17/2014  


A remark claiming that one man (woman) can make a difference in our world is spoofed more often than not and rightly so. The matter depends almost entirely on the public stature of the person attempting to make the difference; Senator Foghorn? certainly; you and me? hardly.

But at this moment, a hero is poised in the wings of the U.S. Congress; or is it a heroine? He/she is not aware of their impending influence because almost their entire focus is tunneled on their constituents regard approaching the next election, not on distinguishing between the good and the bad for their country. They are aware we have a boatload of trouble at home and abroad, but while they have a good idea where most of that trouble was born and is perpetuated, they will not raise their voice in protest because that would mean instant vilification in the media, the denial of loans to campaign and seeing their opponent suddenly deified with unlimited support. There goes the election! Would you raise your voice if you were so threatened?

All that is a certainty and it is the least of the weaponry that denigrating faction hidden in this picture has in its arsenal. The voice-raiser could be assassinated, or his/her family targeted for affliction. All that is the reality under which our leaders hope to perform the tasks we were given to expect with our vote.

We are stymied. Our hero cannot protest and be reelected. His/her situation is analogous to living in a house surrounded by mud, and shining shoes is given high priority.

Our hero cannot confess that he/she serves a foreign power in violation of the oath of office. He/she cannot reveal their orders come from Benjiman Netanyahu by way of the Israeli Lobby: America Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC.) He/she cannot call for the repeal of the three-billion-plus-dollars annual aid to Israel that generates so much hatred of the U.S. abroad. He/she cannot point out that a single carrier in the eastern Mediterranean will provide more certain protections than the Israelis can imagine. He/she does not want to ward off accusations of anti-Semitism certain to shriek from, ironically, "Ashkenazi Jews" who are not even Semitic! They are of Germanic heritage who converted to Judaism in the eighth century (but he/she has not been given the benefit of that fact by our controlled media.)

Currently, about twelve percent of Israelis control all of Ashkenazi Jewry, the government, education, the money, the media and the military here and in Israel. They are the Zionist enforcers that the Israelites descending from Abraham and Seth actively condemn. Our hero must do the same, if he/she is to be our hero. He/she must stand up and identify the Israel Lobby and condemn it for what it is: the enforcement arm of Zionism tasked to support Israel above all others; tasked to disarm American citizens, destroy the dollar and control the internet. He/she must stand and weather the storm, unflinching, and pray others in Congress similarly constrained will rise in support.

We ask a great deal of that first rising voice; but we offer much in return… a place in history second to none for that hero will assuredly reverse the downward slide and lead our country back to the honorable beacon of hope so many of her sons and daughters gave their all to secure. Please, will somebody in Congress rise up and save our country?    

John Whitaker

09/08/2014   TO:  DAILY COMMERCIAL


A serious criticism was leveled at the DAILY COMMERCIAL in “Voices”, Sunday, September 7th for publishing a political cartoon a week earlier described as “disgusting” by Keith Breedlove of Groveland. I am delighted this complaint was elevated to “Letter of the Week” status because it points out two important features of responsible journalism: the willingness of the DAILY COMMERCIAL to give a complaint the greatest possible exposure; and the granting to the public the opportunity to evaluate the merits of the complaint.

In addition to chastising the newspaper, the complaint in question hopes to elevate the Israelis and demonize Palestinians by cherry-picking what Mr. Breedlove imagines as egregious wrongs. He references Palestinians dancing in the street as the twin towers fell on 9/11 and I ask why they would do otherwise as it is the United States that furnishes Israel with modern weaponry to seize and occupy Palestinian lands? Mr. Breedlove fails to mention reports of Mossad agents who joined in the merrymaking.

A Hamas charter calling for the annihilation of every Israeli and Jew worldwide is mentioned. Granting the Hamas leadership is incredibly stupid, their hopeless war is against Zionists. Presently, Zionists are twelve percent of Israelis; hard-liners who evolved from the terrorist Irgun Party, Herut, and the Stern Gang to Likud who control the education and government of Israel, the money, media and military. Only that twelve percent should be condemned (Opinion).

Mr. Breedlove calls us to know “the only decent people in the Middle East”. Permit me to cherry-pick a few things we hear little about from the Zionist controlled media. Those decent people use bulldozers to clear Palestinian land for new Israeli settlements. Rachel Corrie, a twenty-three year-old girl from Olympia, Washington stood in front of a Palestinian home hoping to save it from destruction. She had no idea of the nature of the people she opposed. The driver of the bulldozer saw her and paused, only briefly. Rachel was crushed to death.

Is it possible Mr. Breedlove never heard of Deir Yassin, the King David Hotel, Jonathan Pollard or the USS Liberty? I am grateful to him for prompting my defense of a political cartoon and the opportunity to tell a little about those decent people he admires so much.

John Whitaker

PRINTED 09/28/2014

To:  ORLANDO SENTINEL 09/30/2014  


The Republican video game designed to win back the Senate is a poor response to the CBS plan to elevate Hillary in 2016 with the production of “Madam Secretary” coming September 21st. The network, long a drumbeater for all things Democrat, hopes the many international successes of their star, Téa Leoni, will transfer to the American subconscious allowing “Téa-equals-Hillary” as the heroine’s record unfolds.

I expect this move by CBS to blow up in their face.. When the public witnesses the marvelous successes by Secretary Téa and compares them to Hillary’s four-year globetrotting record of nothing (good) worth mentioning, they will have a clear picture of what to expect from another four years of their frumpy frontrunner. Taking the matter a step further, Hillary and Obama may appear as two sides of the same worthless coin.

John Whitaker


08/27/2014   WANNABE HEROES

Those men and women in blue so familiar among us to protect and serve (before the Pentagon outfitted them for invasion) are to be commended. When responding to a call, one or their first considerations upon evaluating the situation is: do I need to call for back-up? Deciding, “No”, their training will lead them through developing stages to an eventual solution of the matter. However, suddenly dressed out with body armor, three types of weaponry, ammunition, grenades to stun or gas, electronics and military type transport, it must be nearly impossible not to imagine they are about to engage a hostile enemy where establishing authority (i.e., dominance) must be their top priority. At best, they will enter the situation with a belligerent mindset. That is a long and slippery way from the inquisitive demeanor of the pre-Pentagon officer.

Until Ferguson, Missouri, most Americans has little knowledge of the newly equipped warriors at the local precinct or of Homeland Security’s expectation that such outfitting would be needed in the not-too-distant future when an Executive Order to begin herding citizen dissenters into the quietly constructed internment camps (that also have escaped the notice of Americans) would be issued from the White House.

Is this military outfitting of local police an over-the-top exercise for wannabe-heroes, or a harbinger of things to come?

John Whitaker


Why have we not been told the contents of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) from Malaysia flight MH 17 reportedly shot down in eastern Ukraine by a surface-to-air missile on July 17th? For days afterward, a frantic search for the “black boxes” on the Boeing 777 was a part of every newscast, but when they were found in good shape and free of tampering, shipped to England for analysis on July 22nd, all reports of them suddenly dried up; not a word have I found.    

For aircraft under FAA jurisdiction, a two-hour minimum recording is required, Maylasian requirements are unknown, but it can be assumed that since a CVR was on board, SOMETHING was recorded. Why have we not been told?

Current political climate strongly indicates that the CVR contains data that will prove embarrassing to the U.K. or the U.S. and time is needed to sanitize the evidence, if that is at all possible. Suspicious? You betcha, and with plenty of valid reasons! The sad thing: when/if the recording is revealed to the press, can we believe a word of it?

John Whitaker


07/22/2014  A BOOST FOR AVIATION  Thank heaven for Barak Obama and John Kerry. Within forty-eight hours they told us what happened to Malaysian Flight FH17, and who was responsible. Thank heaven again that the matter was not given to the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) that sometimes needs several months to arrive at the correct answers.

John Whitaker




A recent flurry of sycophantic letters selling the credits of the Democratic Party force me from under my cozy rock to point out a single fact that will trump every credit they own: Democrats are the party of STATE SUPREMACY which means: the rights of the individual can be trampled by the rights of the state; i.e. “collectivism”.

The Founding Fathers framed a Constitution that identifies a “Republic” founded on rights of the individual over the state; i.e., “individualism”.

Every democrat vote supports the rights of the state over the individual and I doubt that’s really the way informed Americans want to go. Zionists? yes; New World Order supporters? yes; loyal Americans, no way!                

John Whitaker

Printed 02/16/2014 and again on 02/23/2014


WHO IS THE BAD GUY HERE? Responding to Russ Sloan’s biased version of history in his Guest Column Dec. 22nd: The 1908 discovery of oil in Iran by a British geologist energized a circling of the wagons to insure British control and royalty rights that left Iranians with as little as 16% of the profits. Conditions amounting to plunder were struggled with for more than 40 years until the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh brought about the nationalization of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) in March, 1951. U.S. interests recently allied with the British joined the furor and sent the CIA (Operation Ajax) to overthrow Mossadegh in 1953 and install the west-leaning Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. AIOC became British Petroleum in 1954. Their National Intelligence and Security Organization (SAVAK) was designed by the U.S. and Israel in 1957 promoting their own interests. The horrors of the Shah’s despotic regime through 1979 are too many for this review.

All this provocation to revolt is totally ignored by Russ Sloan. For Zionist sympathizers pulling for a U.S. war with Iran, history begins on November 4, 1979 when youthful Islamists invaded the U.S. embassy compound and held its staff hostage for 444 days. Before that, it is unlikely that most Americans could locate Iran on a map. After that, cranking up hatred for Iran became a national policy. It’s what we do when we want the oil at any price.

John Whitaker PRINTED JANUARY 19, 2014

September 10, 2013 - THE DAILY COMMERCIAL

If it were allowed, I would repeat my previous letters on Zionism and acknowledge what critics point out is a degree of hatred. In a retaliatory context, as my letters are inspired, hatred is a normal emotion, even state sponsored when it suits a current agenda. During WWII, I recall many German and Japanese atrocities revealed in print and on radio to fuel my hatred of our enemies. Today, a photograph of dozens of dead children on a morgue floor are displayed on TV for the purpose of generating American’s hatred of Bashar Assad that we better support our beleaguered leader’s plan to become involved in the Syrian civil war.

So, my emotions and retaliation are against a faction that through the Federal Reserve already controls the U.S. money supply and uses it to corrupt our elected representatives; against a faction that controls the media to support Zionist sympathizers and vilify any who raise objections; against a faction in control of government and industry that positions our military to support a foreign power, Israel, a land that  works feverishly to rid Palestine of its indigenous Arab population and muscle their false claim to the biblical Promised Land. Zionists are a recent incarnation of Germanic Khazars from the kingdom of Ashkenaz who, for security reasons, converted to Judaism in the 8th century. God’s gift of land was to the Israelites of Abraham, and the  “Ashkenazi Jews” came twenty-seven centuries late to that party.

I recognize that faction as an enemy of the America I remember, and to say that I harbor a measure of hate is not far from the mark. I fight that faction with a keyboard, researching facts not being taught in class or reported in the media. This, of course, arouses Zionists who must spread as much disinformation as possible. But thanks to the magnificent Internet, the times are changing and the young are waking up to the folly of their elders who allowed all this to come about. All the truth is on the Internet and gaining control of that incredible medium is the Zionist’s primary pursuit.

The United States is the last obstacle in the way of their New World Order that the Zionist elite plan to rule. Be aware of our rights being slowly stripped away “for national security.” When they finally control the Internet, have trashed the U.S. dollar, and disarmed U.S. civilians, they will have won and we will be at their mercy. If you want a glimpse of how you will be treated, look at what Menachem Begin, Ariel Sharon, and Benjamin Netanyahu et al., have done to the Arabs of Palestine. 

John Whitaker

August 19, 2013 - Daily Commercial

A printing error in my Guest Column Sunday, August 18: Germanic Khazars converted to Judaism in the eighth century, not the 18th as reported.


The frustration emanating from Sonny Heninger and John Cohn in their letters to the Daily Commercial vilifying President Obama, printed August 11th, is the result of a failure to see the larger picture obscured by that sickening list of Obama’s broken promises. Talking heads, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, et al., avoid this subject like the plague, fearful of the Zionist-owned-media backlash that will surely drive them to obscurity.

To any with the energy to research, he verifiable facts are: Zionists, already in control of the world’s wealth, have redirected their energy to power, and plan to control the entire world with two-thirds already under their boot (EU, IMF, WHO, World Bank, World Court, etc.); Zionists control our Congress through AIPAC (explaining things like the Patriot Act, and the NSA), and how the will of the people is so often rebuked. Zionist control of the American media will easily elect the scoundrel or revile the saint, as they choose. Chaos is the goal of Zionist activity in America, the last great obstacle to their world power agenda. Obama’s broken promises expand that chaos and will eventually crush American’s will and have us begging for their New World Order solutions. That is the very purposeful plan!

It is a delusion that our administration works for peace, prosperity, and security; that Obama was chosen by the people. Obama was chosen by the Zionist members of AIPAC and told what to say and who to appoint after his inauguration, opposing voices be damned. Our politicians are betraying their oath of office and selling out their country in plain view but are not being reported or investigated because the Zionists are doing the buying. The money controls all.  

Place blame where it belongs: on Zionist bankers who control the money flow to multinational corporations that control the politicians on their behalf.

John Whitaker

To the Daily Commercial, February 21, 2013

Speaking against Israel is not anti-Semitism.  One of the most important distinctions to be made in our time is that between the Israelis (Ashkanazi Jews), and the Israelites (religious Jews of the Torah.) There are twenty-seven centuries of difference between them that seems lost to most people who cast Jews without any distinction whatsoever.

I remark on this today because shrieks of anti-Semitism will be raised against any American who fails to support Israel. That will be a false claim made by the Israeli Anti-Defamation League and their minions in a relentless effort to mask the truth of their origin. Ashkanazi Jews are not Semitic in origin; they are Khazars who in the eighth century kingdom of Ashkanaz found themselves between Muslims in the East and Christians in the West, both of whom respected Judaism of the Israelites. Hoping to remain neutral, the Khazars converted to Judaism and by the tenth century a distinct Ashkanazi-Jewish culture flourished in Central Europe.

In the latter days of the nineteenth century, Zionism financed by Edmond de Rothschild attracted many Ashkanazi and this result opened a schism for Jewry that is strongly emphasized today by the Israelite Jews of the Torah who can trace their line back to Abraham.

The Bible tells of a “promised land” gift to Abraham’s Israelites; land from Dan to Beersheba east and west of the Jordan River and Dead Sea, land today known as Israel. Some Ashkanazi Jews turned Zionist, illegally seized upon that Biblical gift and since 1948 have worked feverishly to rid the land in question of its indigenous Palestinian Arab population. If you source the Bible, God did not give any land to Ashkenazi Jews; they did not even exist. Zionists have no legal claim to any land, but they muscle their way wherever they choose supported by their firm control of the U.S. media and traitors in our Congress.

To speak against Israel is not anti-Semitic. We honor the religious Israelite Jews of the Torah, and those Ashkanazi Jews who have not pledged themselves to criminal Zion. This writer is profoundly anti-Zionist, as every loyal American should be. Please understand and broadcast the difference. Americans need to know!

John Whitaker


DAILY COMMERCIAL February 6, 2013

All Jews are not Israelites! One of the most important distinctions to be made in our time is that between the Israelis (Ashkanazi Jews), and the Israelites (religious Jews of the Torah.) There are twenty-seven centuries of difference between them that seems lost to most people who cast Jews without any distinction whatsoever. 

I remark on this because shrieks of anti-Semitism will be raised against any American who fails to support Israel. That will be a false claim made by the Israeli Anti-Defamation League and their minions in a relentless effort to mask the truth of their origin. Ashkanazi Jews are not Semitic in origin; they are Germanic Khazars who in the eighth century kingdom of Ashkanaz found themselves between Muslims in the East and Christians in the West, both of whom respected Judaism of the Israelites. Hoping to remain neutral, the Khazars converted to Judaism and by the tenth century a distinct Ashkanazi-Jewish culture flourished in Central Europe.

In the latter days of the nineteenth century, Zionism financed by Edmond de Rothschild attracted many Ashkanazi and this result opened a schism for Jewry that is strongly emphasized today by the Israelite Jews of the Torah who can trace their line back to Abraham.

The Bible tells of a “promised land” gift to Abraham’s Israelites; land from Dan to Beersheba east and west of the Jordan River and Dead Sea, land today known as Israel. Some Ashkanazi Jews turned Zionist, illegally seized upon that Biblical gift and since 1948 have worked feverishly to rid the land in question of its indigenous Palestinian Arab population. If you source the Bible, God did not give any land to Ashkenazi Jews; they did not even exist. Zionists have no legal claim to any land, but they muscle their way wherever they choose supported by their firm control of the U.S. media and government.

To speak against Israel is not anti-Semitic. We honor the religious Israelite Jews of the Torah, and those Ashkanazi Jews who have not pledged themselves to criminal Zion. This writer is profoundly anti-Zionist. Please understand and broadcast the difference.


PRINTED SUNDAY, March 24, 2013, as a "Guest Column".


THE ORLANDO SENTINEL December 17, 2012  (Waiting to hear)

It was Rahm Emanuel, a Zionist Khazar, who said: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Mike Huckabee was never my favorite, but of all the talking heads jostling for attention on my Sunday TV (and continuing), one after another Zionist Khazar (they are not Jews) trumpeted for stricter gun controls; a necessary step in totally disarming America to further their expressed New World Order agenda. They hide the fact that where concealed-carry permits are up, crime is down.

Only Mike Huckabee struck the essential note: he lamented our surrender to the communist inspired ACLU that ran God out of the classroom and our lives.

Adam Lanza was totally alone with his thoughts. There was no spiritual component in his education. He was never exposed to the possibility of God and an immortal soul; that there may be something or someone watching over him who would abhor the desecration of His innocents… a contemplation that might have turned Lanza from his horrific mission.

God bless you, Mike, and all the lost.

John Whitaker actjw@earthlink.net

December 14, 2012


Sonny Heninger’s warning we are about to lose some basic rights (Voices, Dec. 9th) illuminates much that we suffer since WWII without getting to the fine print of recent legislation: we have already lost all our Constitutional rights by way of the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that set up Homeland Security and FEMA as the new, hovering, “Gestapo.” The Presidential Executive Order is the trigger mechanism that will clear the table of our rights while police and the military hover over us with (their) guns at the ready. Our total failure to recognize and resist all the subverting factions Sonny names, now finds us helpless to resist.

The Zionists with their New World Order agenda that have captured our government are the spearhead of our national destruction and today are salivating over the tragedy in Sandy Hook, screaming for gun controls either by legislation or an Executive Order by our spineless, participating President. Yes, a dozen men with guns have brought tragedy upon us… but a hundred million armed men did not! Zionists will NOT tell you that crime is down everywhere gun-carry permits are prevalent; ergo, we needed more guns, not fewer.

Despite their tear-soaked rhetoric for the cameras, our leaders and their “media minions” care little for the twenty tiny people who lost their lives at Sandy Hook; they secretly delight in the impetus their agenda will reap because of it. God can’t help us… we let the ACLU stamp Him out!

John Whitaker PRINTED December 22, 2012 

 THE DAILY COMMERCIAL  November 24, 2012


If Americans were told the truth about what is really happening in the Middle East (a highly unlikely revelation), they would know who the real terrorists are and immediately dissolve the Jewish Lobby and cancel the flow of dollars and war material to Israel. Cries of anti-Semitism would be wailing throughout, but only cheering would be heard from the honorable Jews of the Torah. It would be the Zionists, Khazars masquerading as Jews who are unmasked; the political and enforcement arm of Israel organized and financed by the Rothschilds et al, who own and control international banking and have high players entrenched in the U.S. government.

 But we will never be told that truth because the Zionists also own and control Hollywood and the American media. Meanwhile, a country with the latest arms, warplanes and drones we could supply is "defending itself" against an enemy armed with stones and sticks and homemade rockets. Is there something wrong with this picture?

John Whitaker  PRINTED December 9, 2012.

September 17, 2012 - DAILY COMMERCIAL 

IT’S MAGIC!      Where will Ben Bernanke get the billions he plans to invest monthly in bond purchases? Are those billions in the Federal Reserve’s vault in Washington? No. But there is a computer there, and for his first monthly purchase Ben will step up to the keyboard, and in the “Deposit” box he’ll type:  $40,000,000,000.00.  This apparent bit of wizardry will energize Treasury's Bureau of Engraving and Printing to get busy printing the required notes which are then shipped by armored vehicle to the Fed’s twelve member banks that will make interest-bearing loans to regional banks that will make the bond purchases. If you’re not sure what just happened aside from channeling the flow of a ton of interest dollars to the bankers and owners of the Federal Reserve System, the already pathetic value of the US dollar in circulation has moved a step closer to collapse by the addition of forty-billion new ones created from thin air, and the case foreign countries, the World Bank, and the IMF can make for abandoning the US dollar as the preferred currency for international transactions became a whole lot stronger. Is this really a great economy-saving move Bernanke is selling? 

John Whitaker  REJECTED

August 23, 2012 - To the DAILY COMMERCIAL

This is no longer the country of our Founders, or Fathers.

The Internet is alive with websites detailing the thievery of the Federal Reserve System ongoing since 1913; the detrimental workings of the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, and the Council of Foreign Relations. Still, citizens "ho-hum" and not a word of warning from Rush Limbaugh.

The lack of reaction did not surprise me; I am old, and long accustomed to the folly of expecting arousal from a citizenry thrilling to sports teams, celebrity scandals, favorite musicians and reality shows, indulging ourselves to obesity, ignorant of—even honoring—those evil few who are relentlessly stealing our future and our lives. Ergo: if the citizens don’t want to hear about it, why should the media give it further attention?

How many citizens realize how the US Patriot Act of 2001, edited and reauthorized by President Bush in 2006, has nullified many provisions of our Constitution and Bill of Rights? As though not enough, Bush further reached for (and clutched) true dictatorial powers with his “Executive Directive 51” in 2007; a directive left intact by President Obama that he enhanced with his “Council of Governors.”

The facts are plain to any who will look. This is no longer the country of the Founders, or even of our fathers. It is fast being melded with the “Star Wars Bar” cast at the UN where our national sovereignty and flag will surely be trampled underfoot.

Is this what all those brave young men and women of our military sacrificed and died for? 

John Whitaker  PRINTED September 30, 2010


July 9, 2012 - DAILY COMMERCIAL                                                                                                                                       Mrs.DUPUIS’ QUESTION              

Jacquelin Dupuis’ fine piece on our flag, Letter of the Week, July 8, 2012 asked the question: Is the American flag just a piece of cloth or is it a symbol of a great nation? I would answer her this way:  For any with a long memory, it was a symbol of a great nation. But today, my flag has lost much of its luster as most of our leaders in the past sixty years coveted memberships in organizations working feverishly to erode America’s sovereignty and “blend” us into the United Nations. The results are all around us: World Bank, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, World Court; all standing pillars of their “New World Order.”

I think about all the men and women who gave their precious young lives for this country believing as I did, that our government was truthful in declaring its needs; that the sacrifice of lives was vital to our very existence; that there was no other way. Proudly, they went to war and gave all they had, and I mourn for them. I remember them, and I cry for them.

I’m sorry Ms. Dupuis, but unless we find a way to forestall those bankers who would make us their slaves, my flag seems destined to be a relic, just another piece of cloth.    

John Whitaker



"The British Empire is gone. Can the monarchy be far behind?"          

Last Friday the question was being asked: "Why shouldn't a firstborn daughter of William and Kate rise to be Queen of England?" They (dirt commoners) argue: "Women have reigned famously in the past," naming Victoria and Elizabeth I, as examples.          

Great examples! But it is conveniently ignored, or unknown to them, that both of their proffered examples were of "royal blood," not the dirt commoner heritage Kate drags into the royal tableau. Victoria was the daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, and Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. Elizabeth I, daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, daughter of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk and Lady Elizabeth Howard.          

Kate, recently crowned by a fawning public "Queen of Fashion," has to end her climb to the throne there among the frocks to forestall the pollution of royal blood. If not, the people must be roused in the historical manner, light the torches and storm the castle to either neuter Prince William or tie off Kate's pipes, or it's bye-bye kingdom.

John Whitaker

PRINTED  11/06/2011 but they edited out the green text... the dirt commoners!



The gathering of good and honest citizens jostling one another on the Orlando courthouse steps seeking admittance to the trial of Casey Anthony recalls to this mind artistic depictions and Hollywood presentations of similar gatherings at the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. Does it occur to any on the courthouse steps that artists and Hollywood writers depicted the crowd of 1692 with broad grins and the wide eyes of blood thirst? If not, I wonder how these good and honest see themselves. I am guessing that artists and Hollywood of today would, if not for the modern edict of political correctness, present us with similar depictions of the Orlando event.

John Whitaker


PRINTED 05/25/2011



By their unrelenting bias and failure to report news as their charters promise, the mainstream media assuredly deserves the death throes currently forced on them by the internet alternatives. The end cannot come too soon.

John Whitaker

Tavares, Florida 32778

REJECTED (Surprise surprise)



Let us imagine one Presidential candidate in 2012 making the following declaration:

“It is said that all Muslims are not terrorists, however, with few exceptions, all terrorists at war with the United States are Muslims. It is a war, and American people are dying.

“Declining uniforms, these terrorists secrete themselves among milling masses to appear, when a challenge be made, as innocent civilians. However, it is certain these terrorists do not operate in a vacuum! They are surrounded by others of their faith, working, dining, conversing, and living their lives. In many, if not most cases, their political and military philosophy, along with their activities, are known to their fearful neighbors, who, except in rare cases, keep their secrets and in all practical sense, become allied with them against the United States. It was the same during another war with Germany and Japan in the 1940s. The facts became intolerable, and in the end, there were no innocent civilians recognized.  

“The result was Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfort, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. Citizens of those years, wringing their hands, closed tearful eyes and ended a war. Regrettable as it was, the United States got past it, and Muslims should now take notice that forced to it again, as seems to be happening, the United States will get past such a holocaust again. Muslims, consider the innocents. Decide.”

Is there a Presidential candidate for 2012 who will dare to make such a declaration? If not, why not?

John Whitaker

PUBLISHED 04/02/2011



Another revision of the Bible! Well, what is this one? 100? 200? Does anybody really know?

Hidden from everyone educated in the modern school, and ignored by worshipers of the status quo (the "don't make waves" people and  others who have their schemes firmly in place), is a version of our ancient history six thousand years old that has NEVER been revised, bequeathed to us by the Sumerians. Without their records, the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, is just another popular book pushing the limits of incredulity.

John Whitaker



WHO'S AFRAID OF ROMNEY AND HUCKABEE IN 2012? Who's afraid of Mit Romney in 2012?  NOBODY!  Who's afraid of Mike Huckabee in 2012? NOBODY! But thanks to the liberal media's attempt to connect Sarah Palin to every disaster of the day, we are certain who they are afraid of in 2012.

John Whitaker



CONDEMNED NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD Why has the Supreme Court become involved in the lethal injection controversy when anybody (except a politician) who has ever smelled the alcohol and disinfectant of a hospital corridor (or watched ER), can solve the problem in thirty seconds?

In a hospital, a patient on an operating table will hear “Please start counting backwards from ten.”.

The patient complies: “Ten, nine, eight, sev..seven…six….fi…. fff…" 

Out like a light, painlessly and efficiently, and expected to remain that way for hours while sharp and pressuring instruments play with that stuff under the skin.  The patient feels no pain, no pain whatsoever. 

Give the condemned a choice:  Let them mull over dangling from a rope kicking and gargling, or watching seven rifles prepare to send six lumps of steel whizzing toward the face.  Then, there’s always “ol’ sparky” with the standby jump-start battery.  Tell me about cruel and unusual.   In the matter of lethal injection, hang the bureaucrat that prescribed the current chemical mix and put a physician in charge.  After the last “…fff…” you could drive a stake through his heart, if that’s what it takes to complete the justice cycle.

John Whitaker




While both parties present their best choices for Chief Executive in 2008, why, with all the problems we face, does the litmus test for a candidate's acceptance by the public center on a woman's right to be irresponsible in her sexual activity and then avoid the major consequence that can result? (Assumes:  To an abortion seeker, childbearing is a consequence.)  Do abortion rights now define the backbone of our national character?  I must have missed something.

John Whitaker



RELIEF, OF A SORT            

It's over! (the election), except for the screaming and the lawsuits.  Guys, you'll have to find your own solace, but girls, there's a bright spot for you to consider.  You don't have to have sex with Michael Moore.




I'm having a hard time with the recent outflow of rationale emanating from the Debra Lafave incident. The judges and editorial writers (Thursday, March 23rd), and a Winter Park psychologist who recently weighed in on the matter, seem convinced the teacher is always the predator and, to me, indicate a blindness to the differences in the sexual behavior of teenage boys and girls. Demi Moore in "Disclosure" notwithstanding, in matters of sex I believe the male is always the predator. Among teens, boys pursue; girls respond (sometimes reluctantly) to be popular.

A male teacher who pursues a female student is using his authority as an inducement the girl is ill-equipped to handle and she becomes an object of pity. Conversely, the female teacher is 'responding' to perceived overtures initiated by her male student; the actual predator. A teenage boy who 'nails' an older woman is elevated among his peers.

In the Lefave matter, it is probable that under ongoing adult pressure the boy feels some regret, but I'm willing to bet that when the furor subsides, his recall will find him grinning from ear to ear.

John Whitaker




When I learned of Henry Ford's instruction to his managers:  "Give them any color they want, as long as it's black," I thought it only a reckless remark.  Years later, it revealed Henry's attitude of contempt for his market that he obviously passed to his heirs.

It became common knowledge among inventors soliciting the auto industry that the Ford policy regarding inventions could best be described:  If we can use it, we'll take it.  Let the inventor sue.  Our lawyers will outlast their lawyers.
This policy was evident throughout the twelve-year battle 'their' lawyers waged against Robert Kearns, inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper.  When Ford infringed on the Kearns patent, and began installing intermittent wipers on their cars in 1978, Kearns sued.  Acting as his own lawyer (saving a heap of money), Kearns kept the pressure on, and in 1990, Ford was forced to hand over ten million.

Despite advertising that claims 'Ford Cares About Me,' I've never been able to look at a Ford product since, and often wondered why so many were willing to buy from a company whose top-level management flagrantly condoned theft. Karma???

John Whitaker


Dear Mr. Rogers:

The Hillsborough County Judge in the Debra Lafave case made a wise decision by not exposing the woman to cruel and unusual punishment.  Unless a person has worked in a prison, they can't know of the extra (cruel) punishment beautiful people, men and women, endure as slaves of a Tier Boss offering 'protection'; who will then pimp sexual services to inmate friends under threat of severe bodily harm.  It is the unpublished situation in every penal institution.  For Lafave, the notoriety, house arrest, loss of her teaching credentials and eternal listing as a sex offender is punishment enough.

During my long life I've known many beautiful women.  Nearly half of them either had a similar affair with a teenage boy, or fantasized about one.  With the other half, the matter was never discussed.

News reports say that Judge Stancil was influenced by public outcry condemning Lafave's Hillsborough plea agreement.  I will bet most of the outcry came from jealous males or older women who were never able to attract a young man's attention.

Further:  The idea that Debra Lafave's paramour has been traumatized by the affair indicates either total ignorance of male inclinations, or a willingness to go along with a farce.  The real damage, if any should occur, will creep into the young man's coming years as he measures all prospective brides against the memory of the beautiful Debra, and realizes he may never do so well again.  If there is a tragedy, it is: learning the high point of your romantic/sexual life has come and gone at age fourteen.

I was seventeen; the beautiful teacher was twenty-three.  We lasted a year.  Now in my seventies, I remember, and sometimes fantasize that such a time will come again.

John Whitaker


12/11/2005  ORLANDO SENTINEL 12/11/2005

The court sentenced Tookie Willliams to death FOR WHAT HE DID.  Anybody wanting to reward Tookie for what he's done since should send a nice floral bouquet to his funeral.

John Whitaker

PRINTED 12/13/2005

11/21/2005  ORLANDO SENTINEL 11/21/2005

THE TOLL...            

Throughout WW-II, dead and wounded Americans often numbered in the hundreds in a single day; on some days, more than a thousand.  Dead and wounded at Tarawa Atoll numbered more than 3,000; but nobody at home suggested we quit and bring the boys home.  When 6,000 fell at Guadalcanal nobody demanded we abandon our resolve; nor did they when 49,000 fell at Okinawa.  There was North Africa, Sicily and Normandy; and nearly a year of crawling to Berlin. Through all, Americans at home held their resolve to prove that horrible toll would not be paid in vain.            

Tom Brokaw identified the "Greatest Generation."  It seems a shame so many of the children and grandchildren of that generation could not measure up.



Our writer's group took a few moments to discuss Bernard Welch's contribution to My Word (Sunday, November 20) regarding the one week "open season" for hunting sex offenders.  One of the women present was overheard to mumble, "Why only one week?"

John Whitaker




Constant media reference to Roe v. Wade and the seemingly fanatical protections demanded by its proponents might cause one to imagine it was the most important matter ever brought into court.

I believe a woman should be free to choose an abortion in a case of rape, where her health is in danger, or she is too young to properly care for a child.  Beyond that, biology testifies to the woman's role in the Homo sapiens play.  It is written!

Isn't Roe v. Wade less about a woman's right to choose, and more about her freedom to have sex where, when, and with whomever she chooses?  Isn't it more about her right to avoid the consequences of indiscriminate sex; to be irresponsible in the unique and unequivocal role for which nature, God, if you will, has designed her—a role that can never be altered, transferred, or cast off?

John Whitaker

PRINTED  11/03//2005


RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA: Two men publicly beheaded after confessing to rape. Way to go, Saudis!  Way to go! A.C.L.U will not appeal.

John Whitaker


ORLANDO SENTINEL 09/22/2005            

Three more workers kidnapped by terrorists!  Why can't the contractors equip their workers with tracking devices that can be swallowed when assault is imminent?  The quick recovery of kidnapped victims would go along way toward discouraging this type of behavior which now seems to enjoy an open season.



The Terrorist Vote!  The current situation in Iraq blasts a large hole in the July CIA Intelligence report on our poor chances of winning 'the President's war.'  It's now being reported the increase in terrorist activity is designed to make Bush look bad in November.  The conclusion I draw from this is terrorists are for Kerry.  I'm sure they have their reasons.




If I was a mother, and my adult son volunteered to go to war rather than stay home with me, I'd probably be very upset... but I don't think I could blame the President for my son's decision.  That you can, and have, says a lot about you I choose not to print in this letter. I am sorry for your loss and wish you peace... and quiet.

John Whitaker

PRINTED  08/24 2005


An Adage goes:  "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach." The big cheese(s) at the N.C.A.A. have wormed their way into the spotlight by providing us with an addendum to that adage:  "Those without the skill to do, or the wisdom to teach, MAKE THE RULES!" Only in America can the losers have a voice!

John Whitaker




Ron Howard is making another movie.  In protest, some of my fellow Catholics complain that Dan Brown has mischaracterized the society of Opus Dei in his novel "The DaVinci Code" as willing to kill in the interests of their agenda. The Navy Seals are a society with a mission.  The same is true of the Mosad, the Army Rangers, and the C.I.A.  All are dispatched with a license to kill when deemed necessary.  To believe the men of Opus Dei are (have been) any less committed to their mission of preserving the teachings of the church is shamefully naïve.  Deal with it.  Let Ron make his movie.  God doesn't need your help.  Still, if you must protest, stay home.  .

John Whitaker




Thanks to Rafael Palmeiro and a recent President, future fibbers have learned a valuable lesson.  When doing the deed (saying the words), DON'T point the finger.  It's a dead give-away!

John Whitaker




The extremes of insanity were broadened again today when a pathetic coven of cowards, following deranged religious fanatics, imagined they might bring fear to people who had survived the horrible years of the blitz, and emerged victorious.  How frightfully pathetic.

John Whitaker




It is a tragedy of our time that the Brittany Spears navel and the lips of Angelina Jolie enjoy the coverage of a political scandal while scientific discoveries that unlock mysteries from antiquity vie with cake recipes for space and time.

Brandon Haught (Reader Views May 16) was doing well until, near the end, he exposed a vast area of archeological discovery he seems to have missed that do a wonderful job of leading evolution and intelligent design down the marriage aisle where a biblical scholar will perform the ceremony.  I suggest a biography of Edgar Cayce by Thomas Sugrue, and/or “Genesis Revisited” by Zechariah Sitchins, to name a few. 

John Whitaker



Sunday, Page A3:  "G-7 nations rally to fight oil cost"   Big deal!    

Their idea of "fight" is to gather at great expense, pomp, and comfort, and "...urge producers to increase energy supplies..." and ..."urge consumers to conserve more."    

Gee!  Why didn't we think of that sooner?  How will OPEC survive in the face of this ferocious onslaught?    

More worthy of the top of page A3 might be:  Dateline - Tomorrow:  "The newly formed OPCC, Organization of Petroleum CONSUMING Countries, met yesterday and resolved the top price they will pay for oil will be $24.00 per barrel until hell freezes over."    

So... why not?

John Whitaker

PRINTED  April 21, 2005

ORLANDO SENTINEL 02/25/2005            

The Academy has always leaned left; and through the years I have not agreed with all their selections; but I was never appalled as I was in 1998 when the most vivid depiction of "war" ever produced (before or since), that honored the sacrifice of the men and women of WW II, was passed over; and statues awarded to an innocuous costume farce, and Hollywood's most insipid actress.            

The Academy toppled over! lost it's credibility; and I've not been able to watch a moment of it since.            

My opinion, of course, but I feel I've lost an old friend. 

John Whitaker


THE DAILY COMMERCIAL 02/22/2005            

RE:  Dale Lamb’s “Dumbing down of the U.S.” (READER VIEWS February 21, 2005), doesn’t go back far enough; back to the Boomer generation where dumbing was born.  The Boomer’s parents had recently survived WW II, but the kids (63%) didn’t think that was a very big deal.  They did “their own thing” (as long as it didn’t require very much work, study, or discipline.)            

Along the way they introduced us to:  Drugs, guaranteed to get one past reality; hard rock, to shatter both inhibitions and eardrums; sexually explicit periodicals to stimulate free love, STDs, unwanted pregnancy, and divorce.             

They reduced the art of dancing from the (too hard to learn) Rumba, Samba, and Tango, to Rock ‘n’ Roll that required only waving the arms and shaking the ass.      

They wiped out floor shows and talented night club acts and artists: (a blasting Rock Band is all they required.)  For that, “Dress any way you like; say anything you want; it isn’t necessary to ‘respect’ the audience and ticket buyer.”             They replaced talent with shock; artistry with noise; and since they never regarded manners and courtesy as desirable assets, they didn’t bother teaching them to their children.            

Reality shows demonstrate their need to humiliate; and coming up, we are to celebrate the first five years of Saturday Night Live that has produced an endless stream of overdosed and mono-dimensional performers, ad nauseam!             Not the last by any means:  We have the biggest Boomer of them all dumb enough to continue his philandering ways in the White House.            

Today, unfortunately, these Boomers are in charge of almost everything, including the decision to print this letter; but that’s not so bad.  Wait until the kids take the reins!            

So:  What are the chances, huh?

PRINTED  03/11/2005 – The Daily Commercial


What bleeding-heart band of media Twinkies decided that "Militants" and "Insurgents" should be the words to describe the Middle East disruptors?  Even an intelligent disruptor (if one exists) might wear those labels with pride.  Why not the truth?  What's wrong with "butchers" and "murderers"?


ORLANDO SENTINEL 05/10/2003            

With words such as “well planned” and “coordinated,” the media treat Al-Qaeda attacks as though some military expertise is involved.  What a crock!            

Give a gang of cowards some bombs and wristwatches (with instructions how to use the watch), and you get explosions.  Where’s the awe or military genius?

PRINTED May 15, 2003


Juan William’s stance against torture and humiliation as an interrogation technique has a noble ring in the vacuum of speculation.  Within the “imminent crisis” scenario, will he reaffirm his stance when his wife and children are among those in jeopardy?  I wish somebody had asked.

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