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Forever's Kiss


Clay Atkinson, feature writer for a local newspaper, knows that when an affair between a teacher and student is exposed, red flags unfurl promising something iniquitous in the offing, and the frenzy for salacious detail erupts. Culpability focuses on the female more often than not.

When they meet—when they feel something that happens across a crowded room—she is twenty-three; a teacher in a correctional institution, and he is seventeen; a troublesome inmate only days away from transfer to a maximum security facility.

This impossible ember is nurtured in secure fantasy until one day, it erupts in a flame that can neither be denied nor extinguished. It burns, and is suffered as love and longing reach unbearable heights. But bear it they must, in secret, against the state, against jealousy, against time, as one event after another broadens the chasm between them, trapping them in a seemingly hopeless spiral of physical starvation.

Forever’s Kiss is the story of such an affair that slips past the vigilant, through the cracks, and evolves a tale Clay cannot believe. He is obsessed to learn how it happened, and by a cruel irony, and the woman’s passionate search for redemption. His Pulitzer seems assured except for one, ominous detail: nobody will believe it.

Join these people as they defy their faith, convention, family, and all odds in their struggle to achieve the impossible. You can only be thrilled.   


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