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Found this book interesting and intriguing - it brought together the disparate worlds of politics, horseracing and the Derby, a forbidden relationship, an ingenius con, the Mafia, and the role of federal enforcement into a fascinating story. The author did all of this while offering an uncanny ability to get into a character's psyche. His characters come to life and you want to know more about them as their lives continue beyond the last page.  

M. B. Sheffield Haddon Twp, NJ) July 2, 2005

And even for "Horse Likers"!..My only reason for not giving the fifth half-star, is that I wanted it to be longer..!

A very good story, even without the page turning mystery..You really get to know all of the characters,and really care what becomes of them...You will also learn a lot about the "inside" world of horse racing..

Try it, I know you will like it !  

P. Lewis (Melbourne FL)

The Hayday Conspiracy

HAYDAY – What’s It About?


When Brian Reasoner allowed the beautiful Celine to move into his Coconut Grove penthouse, he didn’t know she was the natural daughter he’d given for adoption as an infant. Celine knew. She also knew the power her beauty held over men; and she needed Brian. She didn’t want her power trumped by the authority a natural father inherits. She had places to go.


A U.S. Congresswoman designs a plan to bankrupt Mafia bookmakers by manipulating the odds on Jetsam, the colt heavily favored to win the Kentucky Derby. Its success will leave only one obstacle between her and the Presidential nomination; the two men who know her terrible secret.


Amos Coletta, head of Syndicate operations, arranges for three shooters to bring down Jetsam during the running of the race to preserve the millions bet with his bookmakers.

Fourteen-year-old Laura Dolan learns of the government plan and the Syndicate’s need to disrupt it. To save her beloved Jetsam, she elects to withdraw him from the race. Powerful forces are mobilized to change her mind. Brian needs to elude the man sent to kill him, and deliver evidence to journalist Clay Atkinson that will rock Washington to its granite foundations.


You will know these people, the good and the bad, and what twists and turns have forced them together for the running of America’s premier race event. How will it end?

You may guess. The odds are: you will be surprised. 

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