September 9, 2018  My new email address is:  <actjw2@gmail.com>

As of September 1, 2018 I am no longer using EARTHLINK as my email provider. After fifteen pretty good years their bean-counters were turned loose and began billing me for any trumped-up thing they coule get away with.. things I did not request, for examply. They refused to return to the old ways so I kissed them good-bye and advise any other to do the same.


UPDATE: 09/23/2014 For entertainment, Hollywood and the network producers give us a world of make-believe, games, where solutions to serious problems no longer require intellect, thought, planning and live action; today we have the magic of computer graphics, photo-shop, vampires and superheroes to make sure everything comes out the way we want it. We don’t actually have to burn down a building or hire a stuntman and crew to setup the stunt, we just tell the 3D-graphic artist how big a fire we want and what kind of stunt. People dying in a production doesn’t put the characters out of work; just create a magical scenario (CBS’ Resurrection and The Dome) to bring them back and they can keep on truckin’ just like before.

I am fascinated by musicians, especially pianists. It is said that humans use only one-tenth of their brain and that’s probably an exaggeration, but think about somebody like Van Cliburn reading a complicated sheet of music, translating each of its stacked components and symbols to eight separate fingers and two thumbs and causing those fingers and thumbs to strike (or not strike) precisely the right keys in up to five configurations per second without even looking at the keyboard. Then think of Ray Charles doing the same thing when he can’t even see the piano! What amazing things we can be trained to do and are able to do when we are pressed and there is no other choice. Surely these gifted people use more than ten percent.

The Philosophy taken from the Edgar Cayce “readings” suggests that at our death our soul continues forward or backward (depending on how well we performed through the life just ended) through a gauntlet of incarnations in a variety of life-forms throughout the universe for the purpose of learning to achieve identity with Creator, at which point it returns to the Creator to be the worthy companion intended in the beginning.

Interestingly, Scarlett Johansson was recently cast as “Lucy” whose brain was augmented periodically to perform incredible feats at each enhancement; twenty-percent, forty-percent, sixty, all the way up to one-hundred-percent, at which point she physically disappears. The ending of the movie presents us with a screen monitor that asks Lucy:  “Where are you?” The answer comes back: “I am everywhere.” When using one-hundred-percent of our brain, could this be the point where our identity is complete and we return to the Creator, who also is everywhere?

UPDATE: 09/21/2014 A very late addition to the list of government criminals is former Senator Jane Harman, a rabid Zionist with a billion dollars. Read Glenn Greenwald’s reporting of this story at:  http://tinyurl.com/8keuhdj   

The Third Edition of "ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT..." will be the last. Subsequent material of importance will be added here; the most recent update appearing on top.

01/28/2014  A REMINDER: Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia describes the pre-emptive repression of whistleblowers by relating on July 18, 2013 that survivors of the Benghazi attack in 2012 were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements that carry prison sentences for their violation.

Why would the government want to keep those details a secret from American citizens? With Obama, Hillary, and John Brennan involved, you don’t have to be Mensa to work out that puzzle.

The Third Edition of "ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT..." will be the last. Subsequent material of importance will be added here; the most recent update appearing on top.

Barack Obama remains true to his promise to AIPAC at their 2008 meeting in Chicago to appoint Zionists to the top positions in government by appointing Janet Yellen to replace Ben Bernanke in the top seat at the Federal Reserve. 

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